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  • "I have good teeth, but am certainly not perfect and flossing has never been a steadfast habit of mine. Dr. Indelicato was very complimentary of the positive habits he could see I had in caring for my teeth, but also gracious in discussing the areas for improvement."    Lauryn C.
  • "Hands down the best experience I've ever had at the dentist! I was blown away the second I walked through the door. The office was beautiful with so much attention to detail. I mean serious detail! Everything from massage chairs, flat screen tvs in the ceiling, stocked refrigerator, and warm towels when you are done with your exam."    Jacklyn B.
  • "Dr. Indelicato was very professional and his work was great. It almost came off as gentle, which was a nice change from the typical jabbing, prodding and scraping I've experienced in the past. I most definitely will be going back to Magnolia for my next check up!"    Benjamin P.
  • "Magnolia Family Dentistry just recently opened, and they've done a great job with the space.  I remember going to my dentist as a kid, and it just reminded me of any other typical doctor's office in the neighborhood.  At Magnolia, they've taken a modern approach to their office, and it has a very open and welcoming feel."   Patra B.

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