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A different kind of dental health experience

Enjoyable Experience

Yes, that’s right – enjoyable. We’ve worked hard to create a dental practice that is inviting and refreshing for our patients in our new office space. We are of the thinking that going to the dentist shouldn’t have to feel like “going to the dentist”.

Personalized Dental Practice

Every individual’s health needs and preferences are unique and at Magnolia Family Dentistry we understand this. We take the time to get to know each and every one of our patients on a personal level at our dental practice.

Transparent Services

At Magnolia Family Dentistry we believe that communicating openly and earnestly with patients is paramount. Every patient should understand the intricacies of their oral health assessment and feel comfortable with their treatment.


  • "I have good teeth, but am certainly not perfect and flossing has never been a steadfast habit of mine. Dr. Indelicato was very complimentary of the positive habits he could see I had in caring for my teeth, but also gracious in discussing the areas for improvement."    Lauryn C.
  • "Hands down the best experience I've ever had at the dentist! I was blown away the second I walked through the door. The office was beautiful with so much attention to detail. I mean serious detail! Everything from massage chairs, flat screen tvs in the ceiling, stocked refrigerator, and warm towels when you are done with your exam."    Jacklyn B.
  • "Dr. Indelicato was very professional and his work was great. It almost came off as gentle, which was a nice change from the typical jabbing, prodding and scraping I've experienced in the past. I most definitely will be going back to Magnolia for my next check up!"    Benjamin P.
  • "Magnolia Family Dentistry just recently opened, and they've done a great job with the space.  I remember going to my dentist as a kid, and it just reminded me of any other typical doctor's office in the neighborhood.  At Magnolia, they've taken a modern approach to their office, and it has a very open and welcoming feel."   Patra B.


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